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Full on Nordic Walking

A superb all-round health and fitness activity, suitable for all ages, levels, and abilites.

What is Nordic Walking?
Nordic Walking involves the use of specially designed poles when you are walking. The poles enable you to use the power of your upper body to help lengthen your stride. The increased muscle use that this involves creates a superb, all-round health and fitness activity.

Nordic Walking is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities. It is an effective fitness activity across the board — from Exercise for Health Referral Schemes and Cardiac Rehab Programmes right up to Sports Conditioning and Ultimate Fitness Regimes.

Middle Mountains Nordic Walking Holidays

Fitness, Food and Fun in Glorious
North Cornwall 2013

9–12 May, 13–15 May, 16–19 May
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Nordic Walking in the Peak District:

Weekend Breaks
Come and spend the weekend at our Guest House and learn to Nordic Walk in the spectacular surroundings of the Peak District. We walk in the hills above Matlock and Bakewell looking out over the glorious River Derwent valley and the beautiful estates of Haddon and Chatsworth.

Starter Sessions
All the teaching is in the form of workshops, each of which is tailored to the fitness level of the individual or group.

Each workshop includes:

• History and development of Nordic Walking
• Differences between walking with poles and Nordic Walking
• Principles and benefits of Nordic Walking
• Discussion of Muscle groups used
• Warm-up
• Technical instruction and demonstration
• Exercises and practice
• Post-exercises stretches and discussion on injury prevention

Two such workshops are usually required in order to develop of an effective Nordic Walking technique.

• Regular Fitness sessions — for those wishing to improve their fitness levels and body condition.
• Adventure Walks — for those looking for some superb walking further out into the White Peak hills and Gritstone Edges.
• Exercise for Health — for those with health conditions that can be improved through exercise.
• Cardiac Rehab — for those attending Phase Four cardiac Rehab who are looking for a safe, heart-healthy outdoor activity.

You will be given full information on Nordic Walking poles at the workshops but if you are keen to buy poles in advance, then the best site is www.nordicwalking.co.uk, or directly from the LEKI or EXEL websites.  Like everything, the cheaper the pole the greater the compromise (comfort, weight, versatility etc).
For more details on these workshops or classes if you would like to come for a well-earned weekend Nordic Walking break, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Nordic Walking — full on!
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Taking on the hills
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